Friday, April 18, 2014

Fox Cable Executive Fired for Emails Sent to Malaysia 370 Family Member

Darlene Tipton, fired from FOX
See my previous post on this subject here   

 A Fox Cable Network executive has been fired from her job in Los Angeles after contacting the girlfriend of missing Malaysia Airlines passenger Philip Wood, with an offer to raise money through an online website. Darlene Tipton, vice president of standards and practices at Fox, told Sarah Bajc that she and her husband Ken Tipton could potentially raise $15 million for Wood's immediate family and asked if Bajc thought other family members would be interested in such a plan. She added that all the families would have to waive their rights to sue anyone associated with the accident.

Bajc and Wood
Bajc, who has made regular appearances on a number of television networks since the flight went missing on March 8th, suspected a scam and sent the email to Fox, leading to Tipton's dismissal on April 10.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flim Flam and Shenanigans Characterize Chicago Lawyers Work in MH 370 Tragedy

von Ribbeck from firm website
What is it with Chicago's Ribbeck Law firm? In news story after news story, this little band of ambulance chasers is revealed to play loose with the facts at best and be deliberate liars at worst and yet the latest from here in Southeast Asia is that they are not humbled by the attention paid to their deficits. If there's one thing that can be said about the brother/sister act that is Ribbeck Law Chartered, it is this; There is no such thing as bad press.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Flying Club With Storied Past and an Uncertain Future

Everywhere you go there are Malaysian airliners, on the makeshift sympathy signs dotting the town, on a magnificent mosaic hidden in a highway underpass, on the back of (some) 20 ringgit notes. I've already written how the tragic mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has engaged the people who live here. Now that I've finished reading the history of the Royal Selangor Flying Club, I understand that a little better. The airline and the club grew up together and can even be considered products of the same parents. But as aviation soars, especially in this part of the world, the once formidable 85 year old club struggles to maintain a presence in a vastly different world.

Monday, April 7, 2014

More Than An Airline, Malaysia Event Touches a Nation's Heart

With the latest news, that an Australian ship may have detected the sound of pinging from the black boxes on the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner, the massive effort in the South Indian Ocean begins to seem a little less overwhelming. But let's set aside the search and the constant speculation over whether this is an accident or a crime. I want to write about the effect the event is having on the people who live in Malaysia.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Data Shifts MH370 Search Zone But Man at the Top Remains the Same

Writing from Kuala Lumpur -- The case of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has taken another unexpected turn now that searchers in the South Indian Ocean have moved from the last-best guess of where the airplane might be to an area 1100 kilometers north east. 

Ten airplanes and six vessels headed to the new location, off the coast of Perth, as the 30 day clock on the black box locator pingers ticks down. 

You may be asking, what new information prompted the moving of all this expensive hardware? I'm here to tell you.