Great aviation photos

This is a COPA Boeing 737 on a tug at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia
Photo taken June 19, 2012 and discovered hiding in a file on Feb 1, 2013

 An Aeroflot landing at Frankfurt Airport in December 2012

Read the story of this amazing photo here.

Heathrow April 2011

I met Barak Raviv a pilot and businessman at the World Business Forum in New York last October. He was still on a high from a flight he'd taken over Manhattan when, through the gloomy skies, a rainbow appeared. He took this photo with his iPhone and graciously agreed to let me post it here.

Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia of New York (R) whispers to General of the Army Henry Arnold, head of the Army Air Forces early 1940s

General Eisenhower (R) shakes hands with Thomas Watson, president of IBM while Reginald Cleveland of The New York Times looks on. 
May 5, 1947

Actor Jimmy Stewart (L) with Lt. Gen. James Doolittle and Lt. Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, deputy commander of the U.S. Army Air Force pose with a model of the Constellation. Photo from 1947 (approximately)

Jacqueline Cochran first female pilot to break the sound barrier with Jerome Hunsaker and Luis de Florez at aWings Club luncheon in 1953 or 1954. 

 Wings Club members gather around the piano played by member Walter "Bob" Neff 
in the early 1960s

Dr. Wernher von Braun (L) with a model of the Saturn V launch vehicle designed for Apollo missions to the moon. Displayed at a May 1967 lecture.

 First female members of the Wings Club in September 1972. From left,
Lucille Jackson, Aerospace Agency, Inc., Judy Hitchcock, Ziff-Davis Publishing, Sandra Sanderson, American Airlines, Muriel Siebert, Muriel Siebert & Co. 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author is presented with the original John McCoy painting Landfall by the artist, depicting her late-husband Charles Lindbergh's historic flight on the 50th anniversary of the event May 20, 1977

The actor, Cliff Robertson, (2nd from left) was master of ceremonies at the 1978 annual dinner. Right are Juan Trippe of Pan Am and aviation writer Bob Serling. 
Club president Edward Meyer is left.

Douglas Aircraft president John Brizendine (L) displays models of the new DC-9 Super 80 at a September 1980 luncheon. 
Right is former astronaut and Douglas executive Pete Conrad

The Wings Club moves to a new home on Vanderbilt Avenue 1980

Paul Mifsud loads a plate at a May 1984 luncheon at the club's new address.

 Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan, first American woman to walk in space, signs autographs at the Wings Club annual dinner 1984.

President George Bush accepts a club award in 1992. With him are
Richard Spalding (L) and club president Robert Hood Jr.


The photos below are submitted by gracious, talented Flying Lessons readers for our enjoyment, or snapped (and I do mean snapped) by me 
on my various visits to the world's airports.

From photographer, pilot and gentleman
Jim Karsh copyright Jim Karsh

Details from Jim: Looking down runway 07 R in Hong Kong while awaiting
takeoff clearance on a typical foggy winter morning.

 Details from Jim: A high dynamic range image of the fan on a Pratt &
Whitney PW4056 engine on a Delta 747-400. I took five quick shots
bracketed at one stop intervals and combined them with Nik HDR Efex
Pro to make one image.

Retired Boeing test engineer Brian Bixler shot this photo of the first 747-100 and the first 747-400. The shot was taken from NA001, the first 757 which was being used to ferry press for the celebratory photo opp by Mt. Rainier on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the 747, August 1988.


Details from Brian: I shot this picture with a Minolta X-370, 20-80 mm zoom lens, using Seattle FilmWorks film, 100 or 200 ASA, about 1/400 shutter speed.

Lovely landing at Heathrow April 2011
Late night transit - Dublin February 2011
TUIfly Boeing 737 Madeira April 2011